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Development Bank

The Cyprus Development Bank (CDB) has expanded its range of services and is offering commercial banking facilities, geared  to the needs of local and international corporations and institutional investors.  At the same time, it continues to remain a flexible financial institution with emphasis on personal service. 

Laiki Bank
During the 100 and more years of its history, the Laiki Group evolved from a small savings bank into a vigorous financial organisation, with a leading role in the financial affairs of Cyprus, of international character and repute and with a strong presence in the social and cultural life of the country.
Bank of Cyprus
The Bank is the leading financial services organisation in Cyprus, with a dynamic presence in Greece and operations in the United Kingdom and Australia. The Group's international activities were further enhanced in 2000 with the operation of a wholly owned subsidiary bank in Australia, which operates ten branches.
Alpha Bank
Faithful to the principles and values that have governed its operation since its establishment, Alpha Bank continues its dynamic course through time. Here are the most important landmarks in the Bank's evolution.


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